Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Coffee Machine Black EM5300K

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Skip the cafe queue and discover the convenience of the Sunbeam Barista Max espresso machine. With an integrated grinder, it’s an excellent machine for those with limited benchtop space.

There are 30 grind settings to comfortably cater to all tastes. With Subeam’s Tap & Go mechanism, you can grind directly into the filter basket with one touch. The three-way Temp IQ Shot Control system combines a thermoblock with a pre-infusion action and an advanced PID controller. Essentially, this means you’ll achieve consistent temperatures, you’ll only use the water required for your shot, and the full spectrum of aromas will be unlocked from your beans. The 58mm group head is inspired by commercial machines, and will allow your grounds to spread more evenly in the filter basket. Use the powerful steam wand to create latte art sensations for lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos.

Temp IQ Shot Control

Combining a thermoblock, pre-infusion action, and an advanced PID controller, you’ll notice each shot you extract is as good as the last. Thermoblock machines are renowned for fast heating, and pre-infusion saturates your grounds prior to brewing to unlock more flavour from your coffee.

Tap & Go Integrated Grinder

An integrated grinder means you don’t have to make room for another benchtop accessory. Using Sunbeam’s Tap & Go technology, you can grind into the filter basket with a single touch. The conical burr construction will allow you to achieve a consistent grind, and there’s a generous 30 settings to choose from.

Cafe-sized group head

Inspired by commercial espresso machines, this unit comes with a 58mm group head. This extra width allows your grounds to spread more evenly inside the filter basket for more comprehensive extraction.

Microfoam texturing

Microfoam is steamed milk that is velvety smooth in texture, ideal for creating latte art. What you want is foam with small, even bubbles (unless you are trying to make a cappuccino). This machine’s steam wand provides adequate steam to create rosettes, hearts, and more. Microfoam will also enhance the overall flavour of your cup.

key Specifications


Model Number
Finish Colour
Height (mm)
410 mm
Width (mm)
320 mm
Depth (mm)
350 mm
Has Milk Frother
Weight (kg)
10 Kg
Weight (g)
250 g
Power (W)
1550 Watts
Accessories included
  • 58mm Group Handle
  • 1 cup and 2 cup Single Wall Filter Baskets
  • Tamper, 460ml stainless steel Milk Jug
  •  Cleaning Pin, Cleaning Brush and Cleaning Disc
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year
Warranty Note
1-year Replacement Domestic Warranty
Not intended or designed for commercial use.
other Features
Temperature Control
  • ●  Removable Bean Hopper: 250g capacity BeanHopper
  • ● 30 easily adjustableGrind Settings.
  • ● Tap & Go™ Grinding Cradle:This helps you to control theamount of coffee grinds straight into theFilter Basket.
  • ● Accessories Storage Home: Area behind the Drip Tray, for storing theOne & Two Cup Filter Baskets, CleaningDisc, Cleaning Brush & Cleaning Pin
  • ● Removable Drip Tray, Grill & Grind Bin
  • ● Cord Storage: Conveniently stow excess cord bypushing the cord inside the machine
  • ● Warming Plate with Tamper Home: Preheats cups & glasses
  • ● Removable 2.8L Water Reservoir:Push back the lid & fill with cold water,or remove the Water Reservoir byopening the Lid
  • ● Group Head – 58mm Commercial Size
  • ● Steam & Hot Water Wand:Ball joint movement with silicone cover,allows movement of the Steam Wand todesired position without burning fingers.
  • ● Extra Tall Cup Height :A large 105mm space for extractingcoffee directly into tall mugs & glasses
  • ● Single Boiler unit
electrical Connection
Type of connection
10A plug & lead
Length of cord
.9 m
country of Origin

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