Samsung VS15T7032R4 Jet™ 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Turbo Action Brush, Removable/Reusable Battery

Jet™ 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Turbo Action Brush, Removable/Reusable Battery, 150 Air Watts Power, Jet Cyclone, 5-Layer HEPA Filtration, Lightweight, 2-in-1 Charging, and Digital Inverter Motor

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Samsung Jet™ 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Turbo Action Brush
At just 6-pounds, the Samsung Jet™ 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum is your go-to for everyday cleaning. Featuring 150 Air Watts of power, a removable 40-minute rechargeable battery, and a dust filter that traps 99.999%* of dust and dirt. It has a lightweight design and a 180-degree swivel head that allows the vacuum to change direction effortlessly and clean dust, hair, and debris on carpeting, hardwood, tile, and multiple surfaces with ease. Check your vacuum notifications or track alerts handily, with a glance at the digital display. And not only does this Samsung Jet™ 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum clean up after pets, but it also allows you to breathe cleaner and healthier air at home.

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Turbo Action Brush
  • Clean dust, hair and debris everywhere.
Removable/Reusable Battery
  • Longer 40-minute run time for uninterrupted cleaning.
Advanced Cleaning Performance (150 Air Watts)
  • Cleans hardwood, tile and carpeting with intense suction power.
Jet Cyclone
  • Provides consistent, powerful suction to keep dirt and debris from building up on the filter.*
  • *Based on internal testing using the IEC62885-2. cl. 5.9 compared with Samsung VS80N8014 KR/EN.
5-Layer HEPA Filtration System
  • Traps 99.999%* of micro dust for cleaner air in your home.
  • *Based on internal testing, using Max mode, in accordance with the IEC62885-2 cl. 5.11 standard.
Lightweight Design
  • Vacuum stairs, under sofas or above high cabinets.
2-in-1 Charging
  • Mount the vacuum on the wall or in a closet to maximize space.
Digital Display
  • With just a glance, check notifications on your vacuum, including the power level and brush type, and monitor alerts such as airflow issues, clogs, missing filter and more.
Digital Inverter Motor
  • An energy-efficient motor cleans more effectively.
Washable Dust Bin
  • Dishwasher-safe, 0.8-liter dustbin for easy maintenance.
Mini Motorized Tool
  • Breathe easier and reduce allergens with this handy tool.
Long-Reach Crevice Tool
  • Reaches tight corners, crevices and other awkward areas.
Combination Tool
  • Dusting and upholstery tool picks up dirt on furniture.
Other Specifications
Vacuum Type:
Airborne with Violet Filter
Dust Capacity:
.8 L
Filter Maintenance:
EZClean Bin:
Max, Mid, Min
Brush Width:
8.5 inch
Brush Window:
Filter (Exhaust):
HEPA Filter:
Multi-Surface Cleaning:
Brush Type:
Turbo Action Brush
Additional Tools:
Combination Tool, Long Reach Crevice Tool and Mini Motorized tool
Running Time (Max):
Running Time (Min):
Washable Filter:
Dimensions & Weight
Product Width:
9 7/8″
Product Depth:
8 1/2″
Product Height:
44 1/4″
Product Weight:
5.73 lbs.
Shipping Width:
9 1/2″
Shipping Depth:
29 9/16″
Shipping Height:
15 3/8
Shipping Weight:
13.27 lbs.

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