Roland TM-1-PK Trigger Module Starter Pack

  • Suitable for any Musical Style
  • 15 Ready-to-Play Onboard Kits
  • 2 Built-In Footswitches for Triggering
  • Trigger-to-MIDI Converter for Computers
  • Small Size, Battery Operation
  • PD-8 Dual Trigger Rubber Drum Pad
  • Plays Bow, Edge, and Rimshot Sounds
  • RT-30K Acoustic Kick Drum Trigger
  • Attaches to Drum’s Metal Rim
  • Includes Two V-Drum Connection Cables

$150.00 $259.00

The Roland TM-1-PK is a trigger module starter pack which combines the Roland TM-1 trigger module with the PD-8 dual-trigger pad, the RT-30K acoustic drum trigger, and two V-Drum connection cables to create an easy and affordable way to add electronic elements to an acoustic drum kit setup.

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module

The TM-1 Trigger Module from Roland is a portable, lightweight trigger module that makes it easy to add more sounds to your acoustic drum kit. It can be used to add onboard kick, snare, tom, cymbal, and percussion samples to your own samples and loops during live stage, theater, or studio performances. In addition, the TM-1 allows you to connect any compatible Roland trigger pad (sold separately) and directly play the sounds you need or mount an RT-series trigger to one of your acoustic drums and play with your preferred sample layered on top in perfect sync, with no lag at all.

Furthermore, getting your own custom sounds into the TM-1 is simple, thanks to the free editor app for Mac/Windows and iOS/Android devices. Connect the TM-1 to your device, open the app, import samples from your library, and tweak the settings as needed. The TM-1 runs on either batteries or an AC adapter (sold separately) and can be easily controlled with the two built-in foot switches that trigger the samples. Every working drummer can benefit from a hybrid setup these days, and the TM-1 is a good place to start.

The Simple Solution to Bring Hybrid Power to Your Acoustic Kit

Just mount one or more Roland trigger devices (sold separately) within your setup, connect them to the TM-1, and access any sound you need. With dedicated controls for sensitivity, pitch, and more, there’s no technical knowledge required for operation. Simply turn the knobs until the sound is right to you and start playing.

Editor App for Sample Import and Quick Sound Creation

With the TM-1 Editor, you’re able to access all the module’s internal sounds, import your own original samples, assign sounds to each trigger pad, and quickly customize them however you like. Samples up to six-seconds long can be imported from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or even cloud storage. Also, you don’t have to take your laptop to the gig to change up sounds at the last second. Just use your smartphone.

Cover Any Gig with 15 Ready-to-Play Kits

Out of the box, the TM-1 has 15 ready-to-go kits with two instruments in each. The free editor app unlocks access to a library of over 150 additional sounds, including kick, snare, and other drums, and even synth loops. And with the ability to add your own sounds via the editor as well, the sonic possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever you want to achieve, changing your kit’s sound during the set has never been easier.

Ultraportable and Built for the Road

The TM-1’s compact size lets you take it wherever you want, and the stompbox-style design fits easily alongside your other floor-mounted gear. Support for battery operation eliminates the hassle of finding AC power when you need to set up in a hurry or perform outdoors. The TM-1 is lightweight enough to throw into a bag or instrument case, and robust enough to travel thanks to its metal-body construction and rugged footswitches.

Trigger-to-MIDI Conversion for Your Computer

Whether you’re producing at home, working in the studio, or performing live, you sometimes need to send a MIDI signal when you hit a pad. The TM-1 performs this trigger-to-MIDI conversion simply by connecting it to a computer via USB, allowing you to trigger sounds in drum samplers and plug-in instruments, record MIDI tracks in a DAW, or control clips and other functions in performance software like Ableton Live.

Roland PD-8 – Dual-Trigger Rubber Drum Pad

The PD-8 from Roland is a dual-trigger rubber drum pad designed to be used with the TD-6V module. Ideal for use as a tom drum or hi-hat, the dual-trigger support makes it easy to play rim shots and bow or edge sounds with the PD-8.

Dual-trigger support for playing bow, edge, or rimshot sounds

Roland RT-30K Acoustic Kick Drum Trigger

Designed for streamlined setup for those who want to explore hybrid acoustic/electronic drumming, the RT-30K Acoustic Kick Drum Trigger from Roland attaches directly to your kick drum’s rim, employing a self-guiding mount that eliminates the need for mechanical adjustment once mounted. The trigger features a fiberglass-reinforced ABS body as well as a protective grip designed to prevent marring on wooden bass drum hoops. A TRS cable is included.

Trigger device for playing electronic sources from an acoustic bass drum
Compatible with Roland’s TM-2 Trigger Module, TD-series V-Drums sound modules, and SPD-series percussion pads
Installs on nearly any metal drum hoop, including inward-curved hoop styles
Self-guided mount for streamlined installation
Durable fiberglass-reinforced ABS body and secure mounting mechanism for dependable operation
Protective grip prevents marring of wood bass drum hoops
TRS connection cable included

Roland PCS-10F Dual Trigger Cable (10′)

The Roland PCS-10F Dual Trigger Cable (10′) is ideal for electronic percussion pads that have dual trigger functionality.

Use only genuine Roland replacement parts

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