NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator (Active Cooling)

  • GPU-Accelerated Parallel Processing
  • 745 MHz GPU – Up to 875 GHz with Boost
  • 2880 CUDA Cores
  • 12GB GDDR5 RAM
  • 3 GHz Effective Memory Clock Speed
  • 288 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
  • 4.29 TFLOPs Singe Precision Performance
  • 1.43 TFLOPs Double Precision Performance
  • Supports CUDA and Other APIs
  • PCI Express 3.0 x16 Interface

$2,800.00 $3,599.00

The Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator with active cooling from Nvidia is a GPU with no video outputs designed exclusively for providing acceleration to assist computational intensive tasks such as transcoding video, rendering 3D models, cryptography, and analysis of complex data sets. It features a 745 MHz core which can be boosted (overclocked) by the end user up to 875 MHz, and has 2880 Kepler generation CUDA cores (stream processors) which allow it to perform hundreds of computations simultaneously. To ensure data moves to and from the processors as efficiently as possible, the card features 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM over a 384-bit memory interface. A 750 MHz native memory clock speed gets effectively boosted to 3 GHz thanks to the fact GDDR5 type memory moves data at four words per cycle. Altogether this yields a memory bandwidth of 288 GB/s.

4.3 TFLOPs Single Precision Performance

The card boasts a double precision (64-bit length) benchmark of 1.43 TFLOPs (trillion floating point operations per second), and a single precision (32-bit length) benchmark of 4.3 TFLOPs. Floating point math is commonly found in applications such as 3D modeling as well as certain forms of data analytics

Supports CUDA and Other APIs

APIs provide the software interface that exposes applications to the compute power of the GPU for processing-intensive tasks, including transcoding video, cryptography, analysis of complex data sets, rendering 3D environments, CAD modeling, and more

SMX (Streaming Multiprocessor)

Redesigned architecture with more cores, delivers up to 3x more performance per watt than the SM technology in previous-generation Nvidia Fermi GPUs

Dynamic Parallelism

Enables GPU threads to automatically spawn new threads. By adapting to the data without going back to the CPU, this greatly simplifies parallel programming


Allows multiple CPU cores to simultaneously use the CUDA cores on a single Kepler GPU. This dramatically increases GPU utilization while reducing CPU idle times

Multi-Language SDKs

For software developers, SDKs are available for OpenACC, CUDA, C, C++ and Fortran

ECC Error Correction

Protects the data integrity from interference caused by cosmic background radiation

System Monitory Features

Integrates the GPU subsystem with the host system’s monitoring and management capabilities, such as IPMI or OEM-proprietary tools. IT staff can now manage the GPU processors in the computing system using widely used cluster/grid management solutions

L1 and L2 Caches

Accelerates algorithms such as physics solvers, ray tracing, and sparse matrix multiplication where data addresses are not known beforehand

Tesla GPUBoost

End-user can convert power headroom to higher clocks and achieve even greater acceleration for various computationally-intensive workloads on Tesla K40

Active Cooling

Active cooling means the card can maintain a more consistent temperature compared to passive solutions, facilitating operation at higher clock speeds for longer durations

Quad Data Rate (QDR) GDDR5 RAM

Because GDDR5 RAM can transfer up to four words per cycle, as opposed to one word per cycle with traditional RAM, the effective data rate is quadrupled, allowing this card to process data transactions as quickly as if it had a 3.0 GHz memory clock speed

PCI Express 3.0 x16 Support

Provides twice the bandwidth of PCI Express 2.0; for example, an x8 PCI Express 3.0 slot has the same bandwidth as a x16 PCI 2.0 slot. In addition, the card remains backward-compatible with motherboards using earlier generations of PCI Express
GPU Model NVIDIA Tesla K40
Stream Processors 2880 CUDA Cores
Boost Clock Speed 875 MHz
Base Clock Speed 745 MHz
Floating Point Performance Single Precision Performance: 4.29 TFLOPS
Double Precision Performance: 1.43 GFLOPS
Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
Memory Speed 3 GHz (Effective)
Memory Configuration 12 GB
Memory Interface GDDR5
Memory Interface Width 384-Bit
Memory Bandwidth 288 GB/s
Power Requirements
Max Power Consumption 235 W
PCI Power Connectors 1 x 6-Pin
1 x 8-Pin
Height 4.4″ / 11.1 cm
Length 10.5″ / 26.7 cm
Width Dual-Slot
Cooler Type Blower-Style Fan
Weight 29.1 oz / 826 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight 3.75 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 17.5 x 7.9 x 4.3″

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