Ibanez 6-String RG High Performance Electric Guitar – Hard Tail (Blue Wave Black)

Nothing breathes inspiration into your playing like the feel of a precision made instrument, capable of interpreting your every move with power and accuracy. Enter the Ibanez RGA a solid body specifically built to handle the heaviest, most physically demanding music you can conjure up. The RGA’s unique, sleekly sculpted top offers unrestricted playability for full-thottle power chording or heavy riffing without fear of digging into the body.

$550.00 $899.00

For years the Ibanez RG has been the choice for the shred guitarist who needed a workhorse that would just work every night. Its simple design and stellar performance made it an instant hit that is still popular today. Now the RGA is coming to join in with the same incredible performance but a more elegant design including an arched flame Maple top and a sleek all black finish.

Great Feeling

While a lot of Ibanez guitars use Basswood or Ash for the body to really bring out the high end pop and fast attack you want for modern metal the RGAIX7GM instead uses Mahogany. The reason? It makes it a much more versatile tone machine that can work for a wider range of styles and gives it the punchy low end required for metal rhythms.

The neck has been carved to Ibanez’s popular Nitro Wizard style that brings out the best in your playing. Nothing is getting in the way of you becoming a complete shred demon on this guitar as the flatter back and rounded neck heel stay out of the way lettings your hands have complete freedom.

DiMarzio Fusion Pickups

DiMarzio and Ibanez go back a long way. Back when Ibanez made the first production 7 string with the Universe model years ago DiMarzio were one of the first companies to properly embrace extended range guitar and the prog metal that would form from it.

So when they come together to form a pickup you know it is going to be versatile and powerful. Exactly what the Fusion is to be honest. Chuck this guitar on a clean channel and everything is as clear as can be with excellent sustain. Move over to a higher gain sound and you unleash the fast attack and bright high end that is needed for modern metal styles. Best of all you can even coil tap them for an even wider range of tones.

Here’s what Ibanez say about the RGAIX6FM

In 2016, Ibanez is proud to reintroduce RGA models, as a part of the Iron Label series.

The new RGAIX7FM-TGF features brand new DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups that were the result of a direct collaboration between DiMarzio and Ibanez.  They provide ultra clarity and a very smooth response, satisfying the current demands of players in today’s progressive metal scene.  Also featured is a coil tap switch, which helps expand on the guitar’s tonal range by providing split-coil options.

The Flamed Maple top, Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck and Ebony fretboard all add up to give the guitar a tight low-end and quick response that is preferred in metal.  Other features include a Gibraltar Standard II bridge as well as locking tuners.  The new RGA Iron Label is a perfect choice for the metal player looking for a more modern guitar that features the ultimate in both sound and playability.

Top Wood: Flamed Maple
Number of Strings: 7 String Guitars
Bridge Type: Fixed Bridge
Hardware Colour: Black
Body Wood: Mahogany
Body Shape: S Style
Pickup Config: H/H
Case/Gigbag: None
Neck Wood: Multi Piece Neck
Scale Length: 25.5″
Brand: Ibanez

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