Antelope Galaxy 64 Synergy Core 64-Channel AD/DA Dante/HDX/Thunderbolt Audio Interface

  • Studio/Live/Broadcast Engineers
  • Dante, HDX & Thunderbolt 3 Connectivity
  • 64 Channels of AD/DA Conversion
  • Stereo Headphone and Monitor Outputs
  • Up to 24-Bit / 192 kHz Resolution
  • AC Powered / Mac and Windows
  • Optical MADI, AES/EBU, and S/PDIF
  • Touchscreen, Onboard DSP, and FPGA Chips
  • 6 Wordclock Outs, Atomic Clock Input
  • Includes 36 Real-Time Plug-Ins

$6,500.00 $8,999.00

Combining 64 channels of AD/DA conversion, versatile Dante/HDX/Thunderbolt host connectivity, and powerful integrated effects processing, the Antelope Galaxy 64 Synergy Core audio interface packs expansive I/O, premium clocking, and robust DSP into a 2 RU chassis, making it an extremely attractive solution for audio engineers in recording studios, post-production facilities, broadcast trucks, and live stage applications.

To merge perfectly with high-end production systems, the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core supports 24-bit / 192 kHz audio with vast dynamic range and ultralow harmonic distortion. Connect directly to a Thunderbolt-equipped computer, tap into audio-over-IP networks via Dante, or use the interface as a 128-channel hub for a Pro Tools HDX system.

In addition to the DB25 connectors for analog I/O, this interface features digital I/O including fiber-optic MADI, AES3, and S/PDIF. The dedicated 1/4″ monitor outputs and front-panel headphone jack are ideal for hooking up a pair of active monitors and your favorite cans.

The Galaxy 64 Synergy Core also functions as a master clock, providing the same clarity and precision synonymous with Antelope, along with 64-bit AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology to handle jitter. Six wordclock outputs, a wordclock input, loop-sync I/O, and a 10 MHz atomic clock input allow proper synchronization with a variety of digital equipment.

Configure the interface via the large front-panel touchscreen, or control it remotely via a network or from a second computer. Customizable presets are provided for fast saving and loading of complex configurations, letting you optimize the interface for completely different uses in an instant.

The Galaxy 64 Synergy Core includes a bundle of 36 of Antelope’s real-time effects, which model heralded audio hardware including preamps, channel strips, EQs, compressors, and more. Thanks to the interface’s 12 DSP chips and two FPGA processors, you can easily access the effects for tracking and mixing, all with insensible latency and no burden on your computer’s CPU.

The Pinnacle of Versatility for Professional Engineers

Occupying just 2 RU of rack space, the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core empowers professional audio engineers with the extensive channel counts, pristine sonic performance, and onboard DSP to tackle any high-profile recording or mixing gig, all without having to deal with expansion modules or optional cards to interface with different host systems.

High-Fidelity Conversion

High-spec AD/DA converters provide low total harmonic distortion, impressive signal-to-noise ratio performance, and extremely high dynamic range for artifact-free recording sessions. The Galaxy 64 Synergy Core does not require external converters for monitoring because of the dedicated mastering-grade monitor converter, stereo 1/4″ monitor outputs, and 1/4″ headphone output. It facilitates audio reproduction with a wider soundstage for critical listening without coloration or signal degradation.

Industry-Leading Clocking Technology

Antelope’s proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking and Jitter Management algorithm ensures the kind of audio quality that sets the legendary Isochrone Trinity master clock apart from the crowd. The Galaxy 64 Synergy Core delivers the same increased width, separation, and detail in your musical performances.

Dual Thunderbolt 3 Ports

Run 64 channels at 24-bit / 192 kHz over a single Thunderbolt cable (available separately). There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports for connection to your Mac/Windows computer, and the left port enables USB Type-C connection to a secondary computer for remote control purposes.

Dual Dante Ports

Access up to 64 channels at 24-bit / 48 kHz via the dual Dante ports. Dante is the number one audio-over-IP choice for installations, live events, production facilities, and any situation where large volumes of high-definition digital audio must be reliably transferred over long distances. Achieved using just an Ethernet port, Dante connection is preferred among other digital network standards, due to its easy configuration and variety of product support.The configuration provides straightforward integration and reliable redundancy, with the secondary RJ-45 port serving as a backup 64-channel Dante route. Galaxy 64 Synergy Core allows extensive real-time backup and multilevel recording options throughout every production stage.

Four HDX Ports

The only interface to offer four HDX ports, the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core provides a primary/secondary recording solution per card or a full array of 128 channels of recording split to two systems. Unlike traditional Pro Tools interfaces, the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core’s FPGA configuration allows this channel count to be maintained at high sample rates such as 192 kHz.

Analog I/O

Take advantage of 64 analog line-level inputs and 64 analog line-level outputs via space-saving DB25 connectors. Additionally, the interface offers 1/4″ jacks for stereo monitor and headphone outputs, so you don’t have to hook up a separate converter and amplifier for high-grade monitoring.

Digital I/O

Integrate other digital equipment, external converters, or audio interfaces through the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core’s digital I/O—optical MADI (64 channels at 24-bit / 48 kHz), AES3 (two channels at 24-bit / 192 kHz), and S/PDIF (two channels at 24-bit / 192 kHz).

Intuitive Control Panel

Take charge of each aspect of the unit’s functionalities with a convenient software Control Panel. It provides intuitive control of all settings, gain adjustments, real-time effects, metering, and presets. From the Control Panel you have immediate access to the flexible Routing Matrix and the low-latency internal mixers. Every Galaxy 64 Synergy Core feature works seamlessly once you establish your Control Panel workflow.

Front-Panel Touchscreen

The touchscreen functionality saves time and offers efficiency when immediate access to the Control Panel application is not there. The precise touch control facilitates fast and immediate access to metering, level controls, presets, and settings.

Remote Control and Standalone Operation

The Galaxy 64 Synergy Core allows interfacing to a second computer via USB Type-C for the purposes of remote control. This way, you can run dedicated live/recording and Control Panel setups without being tied to a single computer. Network control is also a possibility through a proprietary client/server system. With the interface, you also have the option to work without being connected to a computer.

Synergy Core

The Antelope Audio Synergy Core technology is a combination of the best of FPGA and DSP processing brought together to give you a powerful yet simple-to-use effects platform. It allows you to:

  • Allocate all processing to the interface, thus saving your host computer CPU and memory
  • Load effects while tracking or mixing and process with imperceptible latency
  • Create up to 64 virtual racks with eight effects in each rack
  • Use up to 256 effects instances

36 Real-Time Effects Included

Galaxy 64 Synergy Core includes a massive expandable library of 36 real-time effects. It is largely composed of software emulations of vintage analog gear found in world renowned recording studios. The collection does not lack in variety; you can find rarities like a boutique auto-wah pedal from Finland, a Danish master-grade compressor, or emulations of famous units like American-design EQs.

  • 18 equalizers
  • 12 compressors and limiters
  • Two preamps and channel strips
  • One reverb
  • One de-esser
  • One tremolo
  • One auto-wah pedal

Routing Matrix

The comprehensive Routing Matrix houses an advanced digital patch bay to freely route audio between the unit’s analog and digital inputs and outputs. This happens with simple drag-and-drop functionality, while user labeling and color-coding facilitate immediate and intuitive operation.

Low-Latency Internal Mixers

The Control Panel houses eight low-latency 32-channel mixers that can be split into individual cue mixes and submixes, allowing you to distribute headphone mixes for your musicians while applying pan, reverb, and other effects, and stereo link them. Each mixer has 32 inputs and a stereo output, which makes it ideal for real-time multichannel hardware-based monitoring and signal summing.

Low-Latency Direct Monitoring

Record and monitor with analog-modeled effects processed with imperceptible latency in real time. This feature will help you find creative solutions faster and commit to your sound early in the process, thus speeding up your workflow and avoiding the need to fix it in the mix.

Customizable Presets

Create custom presets for any scenario, complete with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer settings, and submixes. Everything can be custom configured for individual recording sessions, live events, and pre-/post-production sessions. Preset files can be shared across multiple studios and devices to ease workload and optimize the production process.

Expansion Options

  • Upgrade your collection with effects modeled after legendary American console mic preamps, British solid-state channel strips, and many more. Expand your arsenal of creative tools with Antelope’s expandable effects library (optional).
  • Built-in cooperation with Antares Auto-Tune Synergy (optional) adds live pitch correction to the Antelope Audio experience. Use the most iconic vocal effect in popular music during real-time recording, live performance, or in your mix.
  • Start mixing without interrupting your flow by bringing in the real-time effects in your DAW without having to do any routing. The AFX2DAW software bridge (optional) allows you to automate the effects in your DAW and recall your settings in your project. AFX2DAW is available for macOS over Thunderbolt.
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Antelope Galaxy 64 Specs

Form Factor Rackmount (Rack-Mountable with Included Hardware)
Display 1 x Color Touchscreen
Channels of I/O Analog:
64 Inputs / 64 Outputs
64 Inputs / 64 Outputs at 44.1/48 kHz
128 Inputs / 128 Outputs at 192 kHz
64 Inputs / 64 Outputs
Max Sample Rate/Resolution 192 kHz / 24-Bit
Number of Mic Preamps None
Solo/Mute None
Pad None
High-Pass Filter None
Expansion Slots None
Analog Audio I/O 8 x DB-25 Balanced Line Input (AES 59/Tascam Pinout)
8 x DB-25 Balanced Line Output (AES 59/Tascam Pinout)
2 x 1/4″ TRS Balanced Monitor Output
1 x 1/4″ TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output
Phantom Power None
Digital Audio I/O 1 x SC-Plug Optical MADI Input
1 x SC-Plug Optical MADI Output
1 x XLR 3-Pin AES3 Input
1 x XLR 3-Pin AES3 Output
1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Input
1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Output
Host Connection / USB 2 x Thunderbolt/MDP (Thunderbolt 3)
4 x DigiLink Mini (Avid Proprietary)
USB (Non-Host) 1 x USB Type-C (Remote)
Sync I/O 1 x BNC Atomic Clock Input
1 x BNC Word Clock Input
6 x BNC Word Clock Output
1 x BNC Loop Sync Input
1 x BNC Loop Sync Output
Network I/O 2 x RJ45 Dante
Wireless Connectivity None
Memory Card Slot None
Gain/Trim Range DB-25 Line Inputs:
+14 dBu to +24 dBu (in 1 dB Steps)
DB-25 Line Outputs:
-∞ to +24 dBu (in 1 dB Steps)
1/4″ Monitor Outputs:
-∞ to +24 dBu (in 1 dB Steps)
Max Output Level 1/4″ Headphone Outputs:
+20 dBu
Impedance DB-25 Line Inputs:
11.2 Kilohms (Balanced)
DB-25 Line Outputs:
56 Ohms (Balanced)
1/4″ Headphone Outputs:
120 Ohms (Unbalanced)
Dynamic Range DB-25 Line Inputs:
124 dB
DB-25 Line Outputs:
128 dB
1/4″ Monitor Outputs:
130 dB
THD+N DB-25 Line Inputs:
-112 dB
DB-25 Line Outputs:
-115 dB
1/4″ Monitor Outputs:
-115 dB
1/4″ Headphone Outputs:
-115 dB
Digital Audio
Sample Rates Up to 192 kHz
Sample Rate Conversion On S/PDIF I/O
Bit Depths Up to 24-Bit
Sync Sources ADAT, Atomic Clock, Internal, S/PDIF, Word Clock
Clocking Word Clock:
Input Termination: 75 Ohms
Input Voltage: 3 V p-p
Output Voltage: 3 V p-p

Atomic Clock:
Input Termination: 75 Ohms
Input Voltage: 1 V p-p

OS Compatibility macOS 10.12 or Later
Windows 10
Included Software None
Mobile Device Compatibility None
Required Hardware Available DigiLink Mini Port, Ethernet Port, or Thunderbolt Port
Thunderbolt Cable (Not Included)
Internet Connection Required for Registration
Power Requirements AC/DC Power Adapter (Included)
AC/DC Power Adapter 18 VDC (Included)
Rackmount Size 2 RU (with Included Hardware)
Dimensions 19 x 10.6 x 3.5″ / 48.3 x 26.9 x 8.9 cm
Weight 14.1 lb / 6.4 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight 19.315 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 24.9 x 16.2 x 5.7″

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