2Box Music Applications DrumIt Three Drum Module

  • 15 Independent Trigger Channels
  • 4 x Audio Outputs
  • 4 GB of Flash Sound Memory
  • Ultra-Fast Trigger Interface
  • Realistic Sounds with up to 128 Layers
  • 100 Preset Kits
  • Play-Along Function via USB & Line Input
  • Metronome
  • Windows or Mac Software Editor

The DrumIt Three Drum Module from 2 Box Music Applications is an instrument sound module with 15 independent trigger channels, 4 audio outputs, and 4 GB of sound memory. It can be used with drum pads (sold separately) as a trigger interface and sound source to deliver latency-free playing for drummers in applications for recording, live stage, theater, and rehearsal functions.

Several zones are available for triggering different sounds depending on the pads used. The snare channel supports 3 zones (head, rim, and cross stick), the three tom channels provide 2 (head and rim), and the cymbal channels 3 (edge, bow, and bell). The DrumIt Three includes 100 kits or presets and the sounds are programmed using a multi-layer method, with some of the factory presets consisting of up to 128 single layers. The attention to detail gives the DrumIt Three added nuance and authenticity.

Other features of the DrumIt Three module include a play-along function via USB or line inputs, a built-in metronome, and a downloadable Windows/Mac software editor to edit your sounds. Finally, the DrumIt’s sounds are mixed in stereo to deliver a natural listening experience.


The DrumIt Three has an ultra-fast and precise trigger interface that allows latency-free playing with a huge dynamic range. Depending on the pads used, several zones are available for triggering different sounds. The snare channel supports 3 zones (head, rim, and cross stick), the DrumIt Three’s tom channels provide 2 (head and rim) and the cymbal channels 3 (edge, bow, and bell). In addition, the cymbal channels feature a “Choke” function that allows drummers to abruptly silence the cymbal sound in the same way as on an acoustic kit.


Drums and cymbals were recorded at hi-end recording studios with multiple mics and at various distances. All sounds were mixed in stereo, some rather “dry” and others with clearly audible room ambience. Some of the factory presets consist of up to 128 single layers, resulting in a natural sound performance with real authenticity.

Memory Locations (Kits)

The-DrumIt Three sound module provides 4 GB of memory with 100 sound presets (kits). User-kits in DrumIt Three are already preconfigured at the factory but can be modified and saved per your needs. Of course, you can rename and rearrange kits to make access and handling on stage easier.

Play-Along Function

If you like to practice with songs or backing tracks, you can load standard WAV files in CD quality (stereo, 16-bit/44.1 kHz) into the module via USB and then assign them to a kit. Alternatively, you can connect a CD or MP3 player to the line-in jack.


The built-in metronome helps you with practicing and refining your technique, but can also be used for live performances. You can save one individually programmed metronome per kit. There are avariety of time signatures and sounds available and the tempo can precisely be adjusted per your specifications.

Windows/Mac Editor

With the DrumIt Three software editor, you can manage your module from your computer, andeven create your own sounds in the DrumIt Three format. Once the DrumIt Three module is connected toyour computer (Mac or Windows) via USB, you can organize and manage the 100 internal kits. Assign sounds from the internal DrumIt library and make your personal settings (tuning, volume, pan). Preview the sounds comfortably on the computer and edit settings with ease.

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